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Muhammad Adil Farooqui

I want to appreciated you that you help us out in creating of our website on time and currently SEO. We are looking forward to work with your company.


I am glad to inform you that this has been one of the best designs you have created for me so far in terms of html. The layout is very clear and it has been very easy to disect parts from html design and put in appropriate places in zencart. The design is fully css driven and converts very easily into RTL or LTR versions by just changing float direction from left to righ, similarly I can enable and disable any div as per requirement from css too which is essential for mobile browser compatiblity. Thankyou for this wonderful piece of work. If my budget allows it, I might pay something extra as bonus to designer just to keep the designer motivated (but this is NOT a commitment. I will see if I can do it after payments have been cleared by client).

Leon Millard.

Shiraz Incredible mate. Was only telling Sam earlier how much I love your team. We must meet.


Hi Raheel Thats good. Yes I do appreciate this. Good work All that is required now is to get more backlinks and try to get the keywords to the first page of google as fast as we can. After this is done your job will be to keep the keywords on the front page over the months/ years ahead..


Dear PNT Global SEO Team, I would like to convey my deep appreciation for your help and support on SEO Projects. The services provided by whole SEO team special raheel are very much admirable. They are planning to me more work (inshAllah) on the basis of SEO result.inshAllah we will have long relation with PNT global because of hard working team they have. Thanks Again


Qudsia My wife and I looked at what you had sent and you did a great job, it looks fantastic.As far as the logo when you have things further along please insert the logo somewhere. Take care and we are looking forward to your testing results BOB

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